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Courses: Overview

My current courses for the Fall 2018 Semester are listed below:

Introductory Psychology: PSY 101 (Undergraduate): Introductory Psychology is an introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and problems associated with the scientific investigation of human and animal behavior. Although this course is primarily conducted on a lecture basis, students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom discussions and demonstrations as well as to ask questions and make relevant comments throughout the semester.

Ethics in Psychology: PSY 236 (Undergraduate): Ethical issues in clinical psychology will be addressed, including ethical principles, psychological assessment and diagnosis, psychotherapy and clinical judgment, and clinical research. In addition, the relationship of clinical psychology to other disciplines will be discussed.

Experimental Psychology: PSY 350 (Undergraduate): The primary objective of this course is to combine knowledge of Research Methods (PSY 210) and Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSY 211) so that students design and conduct psychological research on a firsthand basis. Students will contribute to the design of studies and experiments using varying research methodologies, will collect and analyze data, and will interpret the results. Students will demonstrate these skills throughout the course, culminating in their final project.

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